About Online Pet Shop.Ca

About online pet shop.ca, we are an online pet shop based on Toronto, Canada providing mainly cat and dog products. We are passionate about pets. We know that keeping a pet is somewhat expensive. But, we all still want to keep pets. This is because pets are part of our life and family. We are here to help pet owners to keep up with the cost of keeping a pet.

Online pet shop.ca will try the level best to lower the price of pet products. We deliver cat and dog products to your home. Same day local delivery is also available.

Are you looking for an online pet shop to get pet supplies at a lower cost?

If yes, subscription boxes are a good way to save money and time. We also provide subscription boxes on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis to cats and Dogs.

Please visit cat subscription box and dog subscription box pages for more information.

Thanks for shopping with us

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